Centre for Public History

Places of the Heart: Post 1960 Memorials in Australia

The Project

'Places of the Heart' investigates the changing role of non-war memorials in Australian culture and their increasing significance to the community since the mid twentieth century. Funded by the Australian Research Council, the project aims to contribute to understanding, assessing and conserving memorials. A special issue of Public History Review on memorials and memorialisation, published by UTSePress, can be accessed through the Australian Centre for Public History's website.

The Database

The Memorial Database contains 378 memorials from all over Australia. The screen below enables you to search for a particular memorial by type, location, form and/or materiality. You can enter a single value or any combination of values into any of the fields. Searching will return a list of memorials by name, location and theme. After you have executed the search, the ‘See Details’ link will then take you to the details for the particular memorial.

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